Antares Maps & Navigation SDK

The Antares Maps & Navigation is general, service independent mapping and navigation application that give the freedom of utilizing any standard map and routing service in offline mode, in a private network or via internet, without the dependence on any proprietary data source.


Based on Galileo positioning, MyLights can determinate the user’s lane level location approaching a junction and display relevant traffic signal states and optimal approach speeds to help improve traffic flow and reduce pollution.

It has been selected into the 30 finalists in the MyGaliloApp Challenge.

ICU (I See You)

The ICU application based on the Antares Maps & Navigation SDKs is able to enhance first responders’ situational awareness with on-demand spatial data and can provide seamless mapping and navigation both in outdoor and indoor areas. In a real emergency with the help of mobile geo-location applications, the first responders can have the same information about their proximity zones as the dispatcher has in the center (colleagues, cars, hazards, etc.).

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RUTIN is navigation application of the Hungarian Police. It provides full turn-by-turn navigation for Hungary with real-time traffic information provided by Hungarian Police, Hungarian Public Roads and Center for Budapest Transport.

It uses Antares Maps and Navigation SDKs as well as Antares Routing & Map Server.

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TIMON aims to deliver a framework of services to all users of the transport ecosystem – drivers, vulnerable road users, and businesses.

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