Antares Maps SDK

The Antares Maps SDK can be used to easily add map functionality to applications. It only takes a few lines of code to configure and display a custom interactive map component, that can automatically handle mapping data sources and user interactions such as move, zoom, rotate and changing layers.

As a base map, standard vector or raster based data sources could be used, which are also easily configurable, and could be swapped on the fly by the user. Because the vector format has many advantages over raster-based maps, we provide support for the industry standard MapBox Vector Tiles format. The SDK also supports the display of raster layers from WMS and TMS based online mapping services.

The base map can be augmented by layers from KML, GeoJSON data sources, or programmatically created elements (lines, polygons, points and markers). The display style of the base map and augmenting layers is completely independent from the data sources and can be freely customized by defining a text-based configuration file.



  • online/offline vector maps (MapBox Vector Tiles services)
  • online/offline raster maps (WMS, TMS, custom services)
  • vector layers (KML, GeoJSON)
  • direct addition of map elements (lines, polygons, points, markers)
  • customizable map display styles
  • handling of user interactions
  • handling of location services
  • easy integration